GARMA FOLK                                                



A combination of experience and youth, the union of tradition and modern composition, the balance between song and instrumental music: this is the way in which we could define GARMA´s music.

GARMA was born in Cantabria in 2006 from the union of six musicians with different backgrounds. Its sound is built around the traditional scoring of Cantabrian music—voice, chromatic accordion, flute, bagpipe, alboguel (a kind of bagpipe), pitu (aerophone clarinet) and percussion—without forgetting other traditions and modern instrumentation that perfectly enhance and harmonize its themes: acoustic guitar, flute, whistles, keyboard, soft pedal, ethnic percussion, etc.

From the impulse of its origins came the recording of its first album, Garma, a fresh work that is a tacit support to tradition and to the eclectic, which touches the extremes of the playful aspects of a dance and the sensibility of a ballad. Published by OCA Records, it contains 12 songs with a great presence.

After this first project, GARMA went back to the studio in December of 2006 to record its second album, Llar, in which we find traditional Christmas carols and compositions inspired by winter.

A year ago, GARMA changed half of its members. Now, along with Ramón Bueno, Miguel Cobo and Pilar Revuelta (all of them from the group Atlántica) there are Bruno Gómez, David Pérez and Fernanda Freitas, combining experience with jovial freshness.

The sextet is currently promoting the group´s third album, Cambalúa (the first from this band). Among the chosen themes, we already find material from the new band and it shows a new side of GARMA: energy, spirit and cheerfulness. Each musician’s contribution comes together into a dynamic mixture that shows the existing understanding among the members of the band. For this project they enjoyed the collaboration of the Vumeter Studies (Javier López Jato “Javeta”), Cabezón de la Sal, and the promotion of Several Records, as well as the collaboration of several friends who will leave their “imprint” on Garma´s third album.

At the same time, GARMA performs Animations of World Dances. Four musicians and a presenter go through a range of different popular dances from around the world - an enjoyable and participative concert where the audience is the main protagonist. The Didactic Concerts are another featured aspect of the band. These are concerts where explanations about the instruments, melodies and traditions are offered. It is an introduction to the music of Cantabria and a journey through other traditions of the world given that GARMA shows a wide variety of musical instruments.

These are the proposals of musicians open to new sounds without losing the weight of their musical roots. GARMA, Cantabrian acoustic folk.